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FCA was aware that the City was planning on enacting sweeping changes to Seattle’s parking policies and was concerned the new ordinances would not take into account Fauntleroy parking challenges given the number of cars already attracted to the area by the ferry and Lincoln Park. The proposed ordinance would allow developers of lots zoned commercial, residential split and multifamily to push parking onto the street as opposed to providing for parking on the property if the property was near rapid transit. We worked with the West Seattle Councilmember to treat Fauntleroy similar to the Alki Overlay which requires builders provide for offstreet parking in deference to the demand for street parking created by users of Alki Beach. The new ordinance requires off street parking is required for commercial, residential split lot and multifamily development within 1,320 feet of the Fauntleroy Dock (SMC 23.54.015 footnote 4 of Table B).

Washington State Ferries Long Range Plan 2040 Open House

date posted: 05 Sep 2018

On Monday, September 17th from 5-7 pm at the Fauntleroy Church (9140 California Avenue SW) Washington State Ferries will hold an open house to introduce a draft of the Long Range Plan.

Washington State Ferries (WSF) will release the Draft Long Range Plan for a 45-day public comment period and hold a second round of community meetings in Fall 2018. Come to an open house (pdf 718.04 kb) to review and comment on the Draft Plan

This plan projects a 37% increase in Fauntleroy/Southwroth riders by 2040, and a 19% increase in Vashon/Fauntleroy riders. The plan also appears to include enhancements to the Fauntleroy Ferry Dock and Terminal, and vessel replacement among other things.

Read more about the Long Range Plan at the links below:



WSF 2040 Long Range Pan outreach

date posted: 01 May 2018

Washington State Ferries continues its WSF 2040 Long Range Plan outreach meetings. The final meeting for the Triangle route is in Fauntleroy on May 17th. The details are below:


Thursday, May 17, 6 – 8 p.m.

Fauntleroy Church
9140 California Avenue SW

If you are unable to make it to the meeting, or if you have additional thoughts, the online open house will be live through May 24: https://wsflongrangeplan.com/

There is a nice poster here

Update on Parking Bill

date posted: 30 Mar 2018

Councilmember Herbold has proposed an amendment to the legislation contained in Council Bill 119173 to exempt the area around the ferry terminal. The details are on page 55 of this City Council Staff Memo.. (The pages are numbered strangely. After letting the document load, search for “Amendment E3: Parking requirements near the Fauntleroy ferry terminal”)

It is important that we contact Lisa and the other PLUZ committee members to express our support. Contact information for each can be found here.


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