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Each year the Fauntleroy Community Association helps support many events in our community. These events help bring our neighborhood together and are a great way to see old friends and meet new people.

This is the annual meeting of the membership of the Fauntleroy Community Association. Always a fun time to get together with your neighbors, eat some delicious FREE food from our local businesses, learn what your FCA is doing for you throughout the year, and of course to make your voice heard and vote. Find out more...
Seattle Night Out is a wonderful opportunity to get out on a warm summer evening and catch up with your neighbors. Fauntleroy is home to several Night Out celebrations where neighbors haul their barbecues out into the street and have wonderful community pot-lucks. The kids love playing in the closed streets! If you are lucky, the fire truck will come by and let the kids climb on it too. Find out more...
A community favorite (especially among the kids) the Fauntleroy Fall Festival is a great time to get outside and see your neighbors before Winter sets in. Celebrate fall, ride the ponies, eat some pie, and so much more! Find out more...
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