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About the Fauntleroy Community Association

Read our Bylaws Founded in 1980, historically the Fauntleroy Community Association (FCA) has dealt with traffic, pollution, and other topics related to the existence of the ferry dock in our community.

Over the years, our activities have expanded to include restoration of salmon habitat in Fauntleroy Creek and the cove, local parks and playgrounds, crime and public safety, traffic issues as they affect all of West Seattle, involvement in transportation-related committees and meetings, and many other topics.

Annual Meetings

The FCA Membership meets annually in the spring, usually in conjunction with the Fauntleroy Food Fest.

Annual Reports


Join the FCA! We invite all interested parties to join the FCA. Membership dues, starting at $25, ensure sufficient resources to coordinate several annual community events and communicate with you throughout the year.

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New Neighbor
Welcome Bag

Do you have a new neighbor on your block? Do you see new neighbors when you walk the dog? Have you thought of saying hello ... but then what?

The FCA’s New Neighbor Welcome Bag can help you introduce the neighborhood after you have introduced yourself. Its contents welcome new arrivals, whether from out of state or across town, with the most recent FCA newsletter, maps, and other information plus gifts from local businesses.

FCA volunteers will deliver the bag to your home for you to bring to your neighbor. Or you can ask that an FCA volunteer make the delivery. The gift bag is a way for both the FCA and you to say that we care.

To request an FCA Welcome Bag for a new neighbor, contact Susan Lantz-Dey or any FCA Board member.

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