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FCA Board

Board Members

Name Role
Catherine Bailey
Bruce Butterfield
Mike Dey President
Alan Grainger
David Haggerty
Richard Hansen Vice-President
Kris Ilgenfritz
Framk Immel Secretary
Susan Lantz-Dey
Vicki Schmitz-Block FCSA Representative, SWDC Representative
Bill Wellington Webmaster
Martin Westerman
Alexis Zolner Treasurer
Nils von Veh

Board Support

  • Membership: Elliott Berkihiser
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  • Cove Park: Mardi Clements
  • |
  • Fall Festival: Debbie Kerns
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  • Newsletter: Judy Pickens
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  • Lincoln Park: Trileigh Tucker


The FCA Board meets on the second Tuesday of each month, except (usually) August and December, at 7:00 p.m. in the the Fauntleroy Schoolhouse board room. Meetings are open to the public.


Note: Minutes for a given board meeting are ratified at the following board meeting. As such, this list of minutes will always be one meeting behind.


Our Bylaws are publicly available.

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