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Triangle Business District Planters

Spring Planting
Neighborhood "helpers" planting the bulbs for the spring

The planter boxes ringing the Bracepoint Triangle were sited by the Seattle Department of Transportation in 2017. At that time, the City was investing in planters that would help control bike lanes, traffic and parking. Once the reconfiguration of Marine View Drive was complete allowing cars to drive only east up the hill, SDOT was concerned the new space needed clearer marking and decided planters would deter parking in the new open spaces. The City paid for the planters, the soil and the plants. The FCA selected the plants and did the planting.

In 2018, FCA thought that the area would look more cohesive if planters were placed on the four corners and in front of the businesses. The City declined to pay for this second group and FCA purchased the planters as well as the plantings. These planters were made by Sybertech out of recycled material and have a self-watering system that will work for plants with deep roots.

Each winter and spring neighbors pitch in to maintain these 27 street planters. Volunteers plant hundreds of tulips and daffodils in the fall. In late spring, volunteers dig out the old bulbs and plant summer geraniums. Stay tuned and enjoy the color show!


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