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Pedestrian Crossing Flags

In 2012 the FCA began to see the need for pedestrian crossing flags at the pedestrian crosswalk between the Fauntleroy Schoolhouse and the YMCA. The children at the schoolhouse were the principle concern as they frequently used the cross walk during the day. It was also believed that the same would be true for the crossing at the ferry terminal where bus and ferry riders frequently cross Fauntleroy. Those bright orange pedestrian crossing flags at both those locations are heavily used. Based on the flag usage and requests from residents the program was expanded to 6 additional locations from as far north as The Kenney to as far east as 39th and Barton.

Based on the most recent 2020 FCA survey, crossing flags will be added to the corners on SW 45th and Wildwood Ave SW. The FCA is open to requests from residents to place flags at other pedestrian crossing areas.


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