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Residential Zoning and Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU/DADU)

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Attached and detached dwellings have been allowed on single family zoned lots in Seattle since 2010. In 2017, the City proposed new rules which would change how ADUs fit within neighborhoods zoned single family: more than one would be allowed per lot, off-street parking was no longer required, units could be larger and owners need not reside on the property. On November 15th, 2017 FCA sent a letter to the City requesting that the off-street parking requirement be maintained for communities attracting large volumes of non-resident cars (such as ferry docks and parks). Read the entire letter here.

The Queen Anne Community Council (QACC) won a lawsuit requiring the City to conduct an environmental impact study associated with the proposed changes to the current rules. A draft (DEIS) was issued May 10, 2018 and the QACC wrote a comprehensive letter to the City on June 14, 2018 commenting on the flawed methodology of the study and its conclusions. Read the entire letter here. FCA also commented reiterating the earlier objections, as well as addressing tree canopy, water runoff and other biomass issues. Read the entire letter here.

The City released its final Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) in October 2018 and found the impact of the proposed rezoning was so small that the impact could be disregarded. The QACC rallied Seattle neighborhood organizations to help appeal the EIS. In early 2019, the FCA contributed $500 to help fund the appeal. The Appeal was scheduled for March 25, 2019 and Hearing Examiner ruled on May 13 that the City could go ahead with the proposed rules. With some additional changes by the Council, the new ordinance was enacted on July 1,2019 (Council Bill 119544) allowing for multiple units with street parking.

It should be noted that although the City Council passed sweeping 2018 parking changes for Seattle, the exception requiring off street parking for commercial, residential split lot and multifamily development within 1,320 feet of the Fauntleroy Dock (SMC 23.54.015 footnote 4 of Table B), does not apply to lots zoned for single family use.

Neighborhood Call to Action

date posted: 26 Oct 2018

The City has analyzed the impact of rezoning single family lots into parcels supporting three dwelling units and believes their findings support going ahead with rezoning. The Queen Anne Community Council is challenging the City’s conclusion and invites interested neighbors to learn more. Meeting details below.


Letter of Comment regarding ADU DEIS issued May 10, 2018

date posted: 25 Jun 2018

June 25, 2018

To: City of Seattle (ADUEIS@seattle.gov)

Subject: Letter of Comment regarding ADU DEIS issued May 10, 2018

The Fauntleroy Community Association (FCA) supports land use policies that:

  • retain the character of our Fauntleroy neighborhood and businesses,
  • provide for affordable housing, with fair allocations for growth and density,
  • concurrently develop infrastructure, including transit, utilities, green spaces, parks & other amenities to serve our growing community and promote urban livability.

Founded in 1980, the Fauntleroy Community Association has historically dealt with traffic, parking, pollution, and other topics related to the existence of the ferry dock in our community. Over the years, our activities have expanded to include restoration of salmon habitat in Fauntleroy Creek and Cove, local parks and playgrounds, crime and public safety, and traffic issues as they affect all of West Seattle, including involvement in transportation-related committees and meetings, and providing flags for the crosswalks. We support Fauntleroy small businesses, and have purchased and planted containers for the business district. We sponsor two local festivals — the spring Food Fest draws hundreds of attendees, the Fall Festival draws nearly 3,000 — and we issue quarterly newsletters for 400 member households, businesses and supporters. The community finds enough value in the FCA that they are willing to pay annual dues to maintain and further these activities.


City Weighing Options for Regulating Accessory Dwelling Units

date posted: 01 Jun 2018 by: Kris Ilgenfritz

On May 10, the city of Seattle released its draft environmental impact statement for attached dwelling units (ADUs). ADUs were formerly known as backyard cottages and detached ADUs (DADUs) were formerly known as backyard houses.

Here is an overview of the three alternatives that the city is proposing for changing land-use codes that apply to these units. To see the full document, including a table comparing components of the alternatives. go to www.seattle.gov/council/adu-eis and click on “Read the Draft EIS.”



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