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The Washington State Ferries (WSF) terminal at Fauntleroy is an integrated part of the community. Whether we approve, disapprove, or merely tolerate it, the facility has been here for decades and not likely to relocate.

The Triangle Route, as WSF refers to it, serves Fauntleroy, Vashon Island, and Southworth in Kitsap County. In 2019, it transported 1.74 million vehicles and over 1.33 million walk-on passengers loading and unloading at Fauntleroy.

This amount of traffic creates a major impact on the community. Over the years, the Fauntleroy Community Association (FCA) and the Fauntleroy Ferry Advisory Committee have worked directly with WSF and various city and state government entities providing assistance to mitigate this heavy impact. There have been some successes.

Currently WSF is looking to replace the aging facility, and the Fauntleroy Community Association has been in talks with WSF regarding what WSF would like to put ins place. Read more about the terminal replacement project.

In 1997, the City Council stepped up again by approving a resolution drafted by the FCA that prohibits the State from ever expanding the Fauntleroy ferry terminal for increased traffic capacity.

In 1979, the Seattle City Council approved an FCA request to allow a restricted parking zone that would prohibit ferry commuters from abandoning parked vehicles in the community overnight and weekends.

Fauntleroy Ferry Advisory Committee

In 1998, the Fauntleroy Ferry Advisory Committee (FFAC) was authorized. State law directs WSF to work with Ferry Advisory Committees to develop ferry schedules that work, resolve customer problems, and understand regional issues. The FFAC has established a good working relationship with WSF as well as other Puget Sound regional Ferry Advisory Committees. The FFAC comprises three members—currently Frank Immel (chair), Charles Sawyer, and Bill Wellington; and is authorized through the King County Boards and Commissions. Appointments to three-year terms are approved by the King County Executive. The committee meets routinely with the FCA Board of Directors, WSF, and an FAC Executive Council, and participates on committees and panels related to all ferry and community related issues.


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